Terms of Car Rental

Terms of Car Rental

By this rental agreement, the Company rents to the undersigned Renter the car detailed on the first page of this agreement, which fully meets the requirements of the Renter, under the following terms and conditions:

The Renter accepted delivery of the car after ensuring that it is in good condition in all respects. He/She is obliged to return it in the same condition it was delivered, with all its tools, wheels and accessories, at the place agreed and specified in writing on the first page of this agreement. If the Renter fails to return the car to the specific place and to an employ of the Company, it will be assumed that he/she has abandoned the car with all legal consequences in the case of damage or money owed to the Company.

This agreement specifies the duration of the rental period in writing. If the Renter wishes to extend the rental period, they must inform the Company 24 hours before the initially agreed time for return. The Company reserves the inalienable right to end this agreement with no consequences if it deems the Renter to be a liability to the Company’s interests, or if the Renter fails to obey the Highway Code, or breaches any of the terms of this agreement.

During the rental period, the Renter must take care of the car, check the condition of its engine: oil, water, etc, and check the condition of the tyres and if the car can be driven safely. The Renter is responsible for compensating the Company for any loss or damage incurred due to lack of care and attention. The Renter must also pay for petrol during the rental period.

The Renter must not make any changes to the vehicle, cause any mechanical or other work to be carried out on it, replace any parts, or change the milometer. Any breach of these conditions will result in criminal prosecution.

The Company bears no responsibility for loss or damage to any of the Renter’s property carried in the car, or left at the office before or after the duration of the agreement.

When the car is not in use, the Renter must make every reasonable effort to ensure that neither the car nor any of its parts or accessories is stolen.

The Company has made every reasonable effort and taken all reasonable precautions to avoid the car suffering mechanical failure, and will not be held responsible for any loss, direct or indirect, suffered by the Renter.

The Renter must pay the following in total:

  1. a) Charges for delivery and pick up if these have been included in this agreement.
  2. b) The daily charge for excess mileage.
  3. c) Insurance charges if fully comprehensive insurance has been chosen.
  4. d) The rate of tax due on the total of the above.
  5. e) If the Renter returns the car after the agreed time for return, they will be charged 1/5 of the unlimited mileage daily charge for every hour they are late.

During the rental period the car may not be used:

  1. a) By anyone under the age of 23.
  2. b) By anyone who does not hold a driving licence or who has held a licence for less than 12 months.
  3. c) For driving lessons.
  4. d) In breach of the terms of this agreement.
  5. e) To transport passengers or items in exchange for a fee.
  6. f) To transport more passengers than allowed by the Vehicle Registration.
  7. g) To transport heavy items, strong-smelling goods, narcotics, or weapons.
  8. h) To tow any other car or trailer.
  9. i) To participate in speed races on a track, etc.
  10. j) By anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
  11. k) By anyone without the Company’s prior consent.
  12. l) Generally, for anything that is contrary to Greek law.
  13. m) Off Patmos, without the written permission of the Company.

The Renter is responsible for any breaches of the Highway Code and must pay all fines incurred during the rental period, even if the sums mentioned above are demanded after the end of the rental period.

  1. Safety
  2. a) Fully comprehensive insurance: The Renter bears no responsibility for damage to the car (tyres, the car interior and underneath the car are excluded from this coverage) on the condition that he/she accepts the relevant terms of this agreement and pays a further daily charge, in accordance with the current prices applicable each time. An essential pre-condition is that the Renter obeys the rules of the Highway Code applicable each time throughout the rental period. If the Renter declines fully comprehensive insurance, the car is only insured in respect of third parties, and the Renter is completely responsible for whatever damage is caused to the car.
  3. b) Drivers personal insurance: The Renter, who by signing indicates his/her acceptance of the insurance, agrees to pay a further daily charge in accordance with the current price list. He/she also accepts the terms of the open personal accident insurance contract, which is in force on behalf of its clients, between the Company and the insurance company with whom it cooperates for this purpose.

If the Renter declines this insurance, he/she is responsible for any accident he/she may suffer, as the Company bears no responsibility.

  1. c) All insurance coverage is for the amounts detailed in the insurance agreement for the car, and which is also available from the Company’s head office. The Renter is completely and solely liable for any damage in excess of the above mentioned amounts.

Damage to the car, for which the Renter is responsible, up to a value of €800, is not covered by any insurance.

  1. d) This condition follows the main agreement and acceptance is indicated by the Renter’s signature on the first page of this agreement.

In case of an accident or other event, the Renter is obliged to take the following steps:

  1. i) To take photographs of the accident.
  2. ii) To call the police.

iii) To record the names and addresses of witnesses.

  1. iv) To refuse to accept any responsibility for the accident until the competent authorities have apportioned blame.
  2. v) To contact the Company by phone or any other fast means of communication.
  3. vi) To note down any information relevant to the accident (name of the other driver, registration number, etc).

vii) To deliver a signed statement regarding the accident to the Company within 24 hours.

The Company may not waive any right whether included in this agreement or included in the legal provisions in force beyond it.

Problems in delivery may force the Company to cancel or replace a reserved vehicle.

Jurisdiction over any disagreements that may arise from this rental agreement lies with the Courts of the city of Kos.

The office is not obliged to return any money before the end of the agreed rental period.

There is no insurance coverage for the cases clearly detailed in the Highway Code.

Insurance Coverage: The Renter is covered by insurance in accordance with Article 5(2) of Law 489/1976 for death or personal injury caused to third parties and damage to third party property, or by the minimum insurance coverage provided for by any law in force during the rental period.



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